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The strategy behind the Sector Timing Report is a process of continuously upgrading your investment holdings to maximize portfolio returns.  Our ETF trading strategy works because as economic and market conditions change, new sector leaders rise to the top of our proprietary sector scoring system.  We buy these top ranked sectors and hold them for as long as they outperform their sector peers.  When a holding starts to drop in rankings we sell it and move on the the next hot sectors in the market.  Rebalancing our holdings monthly keeps us in the latest leadership sectors at all times.  

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investments for your investment portfolio!  7 ETF Trading Strategies that will Improve Your Return.
Our Sector Seeker Model Portfolio generated a stunning 420.07% return during for the 2003 – 2010 period, while the broad market index only returned 84.6% to investors during the same time period.  Following our sector trading strategies exceeded benchmark returns by added a mind-blowing additional 335.46%, or in other words a return that was almost 5 times greater than the stock market benchmark return.  The Sector Seeker model portfolio is utilized to demonstrate the power and strength of our sector upgrading methodology. View our complete track record of our best investment returns.

Sector Rotation Signals Keep You In Top Performing Sectors

Use Powerful Sector Rotation Strategies to Identify
the Best Sectors to Invest in. Sector Rotation Investment Strategies that Work.
Gain access to simple monthly rankings of all the key sectors of the stock market, how they rank, and what asset classes are performing best.  With as little as 10 minutes per month you can build and maintain a portfolio of leaders and outperform the markets. The Sector Timing Report strategically analyzes and ranks sectors indexes and alternate asset classes by their sector rotation performance strength.  The highest ranked sectors are outperforming the rest of the stock market index, and this is where you will want to position your portfolio.  As leadership of market sectors change, you will see new leading sectors rise to the top of the ranking list, while under performing sectors drop in ranks.  

Powerful Market Timing Signal Strategies

Access Stock Market Timing Signal Trends Stock Market Timing Strategies that Magnify Your Returns.
Discover how you can tap into powerful trends already at work in the stock market and ride these stock market trends for explosive and profitable gains.  Use  our proprietary market timing signal to identify the strongest trending sectors and indexes within the stock market and built an investment portfolio of leaders.   Market timing has the ability to outperform traditional "buy and hold" strategies and is also a powerful tool to serve your investment capital in severe market downturns. Follow index and sector leaders in easy to read tables that identify both long term market leaders as well as short term trend leaders. 

Exclusive Access to Proprietary Sector ETF Trading Signals

ETF Trading Signals to help easily identify the
Hottest Stock Market Trends!  Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies Overweight Best Sectors.
Our proprietary SECTOR SCORETM ranking engine is the heart of our scoring system and is the result of 8 years research and development.  It is a complex mathematical model that analyzes multiple data streams and time frames of information related to each sector to create trading signals that rank each market sector by overall strength.  Our report distills and sorts all market sectors in descending SECTOR SCORETM to automatically sort marketplace leaders to the top of the list.  The result is an easy to use ranking and scoring system that is highly effective, and easily identifies sector leaders.

Reduce Hidden Portfolio Investment Fees by 52%

Lower the
hidden expense ratio fees you pay the typical mutual fund
by 52% We use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as the basis for our data analysis because of their lower cost and ease of trading.  An investor cannot buy shares in an index, however, ETFs trade like stocks and closely track the performance of the sector or index they were designed mimic.  ETFs do not require active management unlike their mutual fund counterparts, and have much lower costs.  The average expense ratio for mutual funds is about 1.02%, whereas the average expense ratio for ETFs is only 0.48%  ETFs charge you less than half the fees a typical mutual fund company will charge!  Over a lifetime of investing, the lower ETF fees can saving you tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.

ETF Trend Trading Always Finds the Next Hottest Market Trends

ETF Trend Trading - Gain access to exclusive ETF
trading signals and trading strategies to improve
portfolio returns.
Get on the inside track and always know which sectors are gearing up to be the next market leaders.  With the Sector Timing Report ETF trend trading report you can visually see these emerging sector leaders work their way up the ranking tables.  Long term bull markets in specific sectors, regions or commodities can establish themselves over many months, and last potentially for years.  Just as important, you can see sectors start to drop in ranks so you will know when it is time to shift into other stronger sector opportunities.  Scan several simple ranking lists to find the right sectors for your portfolio.   

ETF Investment Strategies Work with Most Investment Accounts

stock market timing newsletter works with IRA accounts,
401ks, Roth IRAs, RRSPs, TSP, and regular brokerage
 Perfect for any type of self-directed investment accounts like IRAs, Roth IRAs and regular brokerage accounts, the Sector Timing Report also works well with accounts having limited investment selections like 401K and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) for government employees.  The Sector Timing Report was designed to be your lifetime market trend guide to help you work with your investment advisor to always position your investment portfolio on the right side of market trends.  You can harness the power of the Sector Timing Report to improve your investment allocation in many types of accounts - there is no reason to delay.

ETF Trading System that is Easy to Use

ETF Trading System - Easy to follow ETF Investing
systems and signals.
 The Sector Timing Report a user friendly trading system full of easy to understand ranking tables that list sector ETFs in descending order of market strength.  You simply decide what segments and markets you want to include in your portfolios and pick sectors from the top of the list.  As the ranks shift over time you can adjust your portfolio accordingly by selling any sectors that have dropped in the ranks, and buying the new ranked leaders.  The result is an easy to follow monthly investment strategy that outperforms the market index as well as most mutual funds over the long term.

Limited Time Commitment - Less than 10 Minutes per Month

Simple ETF
market timing newsletter that takes less than 10 minutes
per month to follow.
Once you are familiar with the layout of the Sector Timing Report and have established an upgrading portfolio, it takes less than 10 minutes of your time per month to read the new monthly report and make any necessary adjustments to your portfolio.  The Sector Timing Report is a report focused on the long term, and can help you shift your portfolio  over time to capture major sector movements in the stock market.  It is not  designed for short term traders.  The Sector Timing Report was designed to be your lifetime market trend guide to assist with always positioning your investment portfolio on the right side of market trends.

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It's time for you to take the first step with ETF investing.  Improve your returns, lower your costs, and simply your portfolio decisions.  Imagine  having exclusive access to information that can uncover the next big sector leaders?  Imaging having access to information that will signal the breakdown of trends and emergence of bear markets?  Why wait any longer?  The Sector Seeker model portfolio easily beats benchmark stock market returns and is one of the top performing ETF newsletters available today.   In a matter of minutes your life could change forever by downloading the latest copy of the Sector Timing Report.  ETF newsletter details.


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