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The Best Sectors to Invest in Right Now
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Learn to Quickly Identify the Best Sectors for Investing

How to find the best sectors to invest in right now

Now that we have reviewed all the key pieces of the sector rotational strategy, how do we know what sector to invest in today for the best investment return?  If mutual fund managers struggle to do it, and Rotation ETF funds fare no better, how is a DIY investor supposed to figure out which sectors to invest within?  

Here we breakdown what an investor should look for, what important steps to follow, and what resources you will need.  We also discuss a revolutionary method that is simple to implement and takes less than 10 minutes of your time per month.

Focus on the Leading Indicators 

To get the timing of sector rotation right you need to focus your analysis on the leading indicators themselves - the sector indexes.  Study the movement and behavior of these key economic sectors in the context of real-time technical analysis to understand what they are doing today in the stock market.  What are their movements telling you?  Are certain sectors breaking out into new uptrends?  Are current sector leaders starting to break down and give away their gains?  By watching and analyzing the movement of sector indexes you should be able to nail down the elusive factor of getting the timing right in the practice of sector rotation.

Get the Timing Right

Use the powerful tool of market timing to get into the right sector trade at the right time.  You'll want to identify the strongest performing sectors of the marketplace as a starting point for your analysis.

Zero in on Top Performing Asset Classes

Don't mess with the power of asset allocation - it will determine 91.6% of your portfolios long-run return, so you must make sure you are investing in the right asset classes.  Keep an eye on the 17 key sub-asset classes of the market on a monthly or quarterly basis, and as the rankings shift to favor new asset classes make sure your portfolio is updated to reflect these new leaders.

Practice an Upgrading Methodology

"Buy and Hold" is dead, start using an upgrading strategy that reviews and ranks top performing sectors at a set interval of time.  Invest in the top performing sectors until they start to slip in the ranks.  As new sector leaders emerge into the top of the new rankings you'll want to "upgrade" into these new performing sectors.

Follow a Disciplined Strategy

Don't get caught up with information overload as it will often drown you in useless information and can actually harm your long-term results.  Stay focused on the big picture and what is important, be diciplined, and follow a plan.

What is the Easiest Way to Identify the Best Sectors for Investing?

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