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ETF Trading Alerts that Focus on Long Term Investing Trends
It’s easy to forget the big picture when getting caught up in a hot ETF trading or investment tip.  But the reality is for most investors that the ultimate goal is to increase the value of your entire investment portfolio, not just the 5% of it you allocated to a hot trading tip.  Once most investors realize this simple fact, trading strategies begin to focus on long-term trends and broader investment vehicles like ETF funds so that you can allocate more capital to each trade you monitor and manage.  With ETF trading alerts that focus on long term investing performance it becomes a lot easier to meat your trading goals overtime.

Trading Alerts that Focus on Long Term Investing

Its not always sexy or exciting, but focusing on long term investment trend trading and allocating larger portions of investment capital to strong trending sectors and indexes is a smart way to outperform the markets over time and generate higher investment returns that typical equity benchmark indexes.

With the Sector Timing Report ETF investing newsletter clear "buy" and "sell" ratings are generated for each of the 131 sectors we track.   Simple graphical icons indicate the long-term trend of each sector we analyze.  Leadership sectors ranking within the top quartile of our monthly report are marked with a star icon so you'll know at a glance which sectors are outperforming the marketplace and ranking in the top 25% of momentum and performance.

ETF Trading Alerts that Find Long Term Investments

Trading alerts that focus on the big stock market trends is really our main trading alert strategy and our preference is to look at long-term trends based on weekly and monthly data points to determine our trading signals.  We are considered a long-term investment newsletter because the most frequent trading we ever do is once per month.  Our goal is to deliver insightful stock market analysis that helps you identify major market trends, and only requires 5 – 10 minutes of your time each month to maintain a portfolio of winners.

We try to smooth through the daily and weekly noise to really focus on big trends in the stock market.  As all big trends contain smaller waves of countertrends, we also generate a short-term trend indicator to help navigate the markets.  The natural movement of most stocks and indexes is not a straight line, but is usually a zig zagging line that is moving up and down in the short term, with a longer overall directional trend.  The short-term trend indicator can help identify entry points in long-term trends.

Long Term Investment Success

The Sector Timing Report ETF Newsletter provides ETF trading alerts that are designed for long-term trend investors in mind.  Our trading alerts frequency is monthly and targets medium and long-term trends that typically last several months.  Read more about our ETF trading system and ETF Investing Newsletter and discover how you can generate high return investments for your investment portfolio.


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Portfolio Trading Strategies
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