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Why ETF Trading Strategies are Better than Stock Trading Strategies
We believe that ETF trading as a core investment strategy has several advantages over trading stocks and are great candidates for most investors core portfolio holdings. There are also several advantages to trading exchange-traded funds over regular mutual funds.

The Problem with Mutual Fund Investing

Making the decision to trade ETFs over mutual funds is really a no-brainer because of the lower average cost structure of an exchange-traded fund.  The average mutual fund expense ratio is 1.52% whereas the average ETF expense ratio is 0.51% with many index ETFs having expense ratios below 0.10% This means the average mutual fund costs 198% more than an ETF!  These high mutual fund fees can have a devastating effect on your portfolio over a lifetime of investing.

The problem with Stock Trading Strategies

One of the greatest risks you face trading stocks is lack of diversification and the exposure to single company specific risks like; bankruptcy, cease-trade orders, stock frauds, and massive stock drops that happens instantly with severe adverse news events that hit a companies operations.  Many of these events cannot be predicted or foreseen, the only way to reduce this exposure is by holding many individual stocks to dampen the effect… in other words diversification.  All ETFs are a basket of stocks and can easily provide this diversification with one simple trade.

The Advantages of ETF Trading Strategies

The Sector Timing Report was developed to exploit the natural trading advantages of ETFs over other investment options, and is focused on providing a long term ETF trading strategy for regular investors that delivers the best investment returns for a monthly investment newsletter.  Our primary goal is to consider investment returns over a long-term horizon, and devise a simple ETF trading strategy that meets these objectives without requiring a lot of trading time or analysis.

The Sector Timing Report Trading Strategies

Each monthly newsletter contains a wealth of powerful ETF trading information and is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of investment styles.  Think of each monthly report as the raw data and tools you would need to construct a portfolio of leading ETFs.  Some of the powerful ETF trading strategies contained in the Sector Timing Report ETF Newsletter include:

Market timing strategies capture high performing ETF sectors and industries measuring their momentum strength.  Using market timing strategies to your advantage with ETFs can help you rebalance your portfolio each month into new areas and sectors of the stock market that have a higher likelihood of generating better investment returns.

Sector rotation strategies help shift assets into favored industry classes as the economy shifts from one stage to another.  Certain industry sectors traditionally perform better in certain parts of the economic cycle.  Using sector rotation strategies can capitalize on these shifts and trends and position your portfolio for higher returns over time.

Trend trading system makes sure you are always invested on the right side of a market trend.  All our ETF trading strategies follow a strict trend trading system using clear trend signals to confirm each ETF trend direction and strength.  The “trend is your friend” in the stock market, and with using ETFs there is an endless stream of new market trends forming.

Asset allocation strategies guide portfolio investments into top performing asset categories.  A landmark asset allocation study has determined that 93.6% of an investors return over the long run is due to portfolio asset allocation.  You need to be in the right asset categories at the right time of the market cycle to outperform equity benchmark indexes.  It is more important to pick the right asset category or sector than trying to pick a hot stock.

Clear trading signals help guide your investment strategies.  We use simple visual icons to mark bullish trends with an upward green arrow, while bearish trends are represented by a red downward arrow.  These simple trading signals help make your investing decisions quick and easy so you can focus on life's other challenges.

ETF screener that sorts and ranks ETFs by their performance ranking relative to the benchmark equity index so you can easily identify the best sectors to invest in at a glance.  This ETF screener is the heart of the stock market report we deliver each and every month.

How to Get Powerful ETF Strategies Working For You

If you have not yet discovered the benefits of trading with ETFs then its time to read more about how you can develop a winning portfolio investment strategy using ETFs as your building blocks.  Take a moment to read more about ETF trading and our ETF trading system to get a better handle on how we tackle the market using a methodical and mechanical trading strategy geared for the long term investor in mind.  You can also download a copy of our ETF investing newsletter and discover how you can generate high return investments for your investment portfolio.


Everything you need to build a high performing portfolio

Trading signals and clear trading alerts
Clear Trading Signals
Easily determine trend signals in every sector of the stock market.

To get the best investment returns you need to
discover the power of asset allocation.
Asset Allocation Strategies
Investing in the right asset categories accounts for 91.6% of long run returns.

ETF Trend Trading System
Trend Trading System
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

Sector rotation timing strategies
Sector Rotation Investing
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

Trading system
Protective Trading System
Volatility adjusted stop losses let leaders run with less chance of triggering during strong and volatile uptrends.

Market timing
Market Timing Signals
100% mechanical process removes the distracting flaws of human emotions in the decision process.

Portfolio Trading Strategies
Portfolio Trading Strategies
Upgrade into new leadership sectors and rotating out of past winners to outperform the market.

ETF trading signals ETF Trading Signals
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

ETF Investing
ETF Investing Newsletter
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

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