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Analyze ETF Trends in Multiple Time Frames to Improve Trading Success
Trading ETF trends can be very profitable in the long run as they are the perfect trending trading investment vehicle.  ETFs offer low fees, instant diversification, and can be traded like a stock throughout the day.  In general terms, they also seem to create smoother trend lines when compared to stocks, and this is due to the fact they are a basket of individual stock prices averaged together.  This makes reading and interpreting trend trading patterns for ETFs that much easier, and profitable in the long run.

Overall Stock Market Trends Will Set Market Direction

The big board determines the overall trend of a market, and its always easier and usually more profitable to trade in the same direction as the market trend.  Fighting the market trend is usually a sucker’s bet in the long run because the odds are stacked against you. With the rise of bearish inverse ETFs that profit when the market falls, there is always an ETF trend trade you can make.

Find the Strongest Long term ETF Trends

Using the Sector Timing Report trend ranking tables’ help you easily identify ETF trends as they develop.  You can actually see ETFs rise in the ranking tables over time as their trend gains momentum and strengthens.  The top ETF trading trends are those ETFs sitting at the top of each trend-ranking table so you can easily spot the biggest trends in the stock market.  These ranking tables are also broken out into popular sub-segments like Bonds, Sectors, Industries, Countries, Commodities, and even Currencies.  

Long-term ETF trends are easy to read with the Sector Timing Report.  Bullish trends in the ranking tables are indicated with a green upward arrow.  A downward red arrow identifies bearish trends.  ETFs with no defined trend, or that are in the middle of a trend change are identified with a yellow caution triangle icon.  These simple visual trend indicators make spotting the best ETF trends in the stock market a snap with this trading system.

Focus on Short term ETF Trends for Bigger Profits

Within all long-term trends, sectors and stocks will experience short-term up and down cycles as part of their normal trading pattern.  Positive short term values are marked in the Sector Timing Report with a green acceleration icon and can be useful to time entry points. Momentum trading signals are also used to identify sectors and indexes that are exhibiting short-term upward momentum.  These ETFs are easily identified in the ranking tables as they are marketed with three rising green bars.  Each sector we monitor and track also has a short term ranking value so you can easily determine the short-term trend cycle of a sector. 

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