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Financial Newsletter Reviews of the Sector Timing Report

Discover why the Sector Timing Report receives one of the highest financial newsletter ratingsOnce you try the Sector Timing Report you will see why users constantly give us their highest financial newsletter reviews and rankings.  

Our financial newsletter is designed for the average investor that needs a simple strategy to outperform the stock market over time, and is useful for all types of investment accounts including 401ks, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Thrift Savings Plan, and regular trading accounts. 

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There are Several Important Criteria for Financial Newsletter Reviews

If you are considering an financial newsletter subscription you'll need to consider several important decision criteria to get the best rated newsletter for your personal financial needs.  Selecting a newsletter is a highly personal process and you really need to think about how you will use the information, with what accounts, and your available time to commit to monitoring investment positions.

Top 10 Ranking Criteria for Financial Newsletter Reviews

  • Ease of use.  Nobody wants to pay for a financial newsletter subscription that is not easy to use and implement.  Most retail investors do not want to mess around with complicating stock ratings and trading strategies.  People want straight forward information they can act on and feel comfotable with in their investment portfolios.
  • Limited time commitment.  The level of time commitment is the single largest reason most people give up on following a newsletter... even if  has top financial newsletter ratings.  Time is money, and most people have careers and other full-time responsibilities that limit the amount of time they can put towards monitoring their investment portfolios.

  • Information is useful in all types of investment accounts.  Whether its an IRA, Roth IRA, 401K, Thrift Savings Plan, or regular investment account, highly rated financial newsletters will offer insight and information to help position all these investment accounts.  Its a big waste of money to subscribe to several types of investment newsletters just to cover all your investment accounts.  People want one simple report to help with everything over the long term. 
  • Is focused on the long term.  Users want relevant information that will help growth their financial assets over the very long term until they reach retirement years.  They don't want short term daytrading picks or high volume trading newsletters due to the excessive trading costs and time committment.

  • Helps manage downside risks.  Users want a newsletter that has high ratings for helping manage downside risks.  Many investors have been burned in the last couple of bear markets that have literally destroyed their retirement portfolios.  Managing the downside risk is extremely important and users want a newsletter that can help mitigate portoflio risks. 
  • Provides a wide range of investment alternatives.  Everyone has different financial needs as well as investment appetites and financial newsletters with high ratings recognize this important fact and offer solutions for a wide range of client situations. 

  • Helps diversify investment risks.  Diversification is one of the few free lunches on Wall Street and newsletters that don't cater to this simple risk management technique add unnecessary risks to their clientele.  The type of securities featured can either concentrate risk or diversify it - good newsletters help you diversify your portfolio risks. 
  • Offers real value.  Considering the financial advice and its comparable cost the newsletter must provide good value for the investor.
  • Strong Performance.  All good financial newsletters will have model portolios that deliver strong results over time.  Returns are important.
  • Professional.  There are many old and outdated services still ranking in search engine results for newsletters.  You can usually spot them a mile away with their 1990's style website designs and limited service offerings.

Sector Timing Report Financial Newsletter Reviews
The Sector Timing Report is a comprehensive financial newsletter that meets all of the following important review and ranking criteria for long term investment success:

Easy to Use - simple ranking and rating tables to follow by asset category

Limited Time Commitment - takes only 10 minutes per month to implement

Useful Information for All Account Types - great for 401Ks, IRAs and regular trading accounts

Long Term Focus - helping you build a larger retirement portfolio

Manage Downside Risk - protective stops provided on all rankings

Top Performing Track Record - see how easy it can be to outperform the market

Offers Diversified Solutions - embraces diversification to limit risk

Additional Financial Newsletter Reviews Resources 

Commentary resource sites.  There are several popular stock market sites that offer a running commentary on newsletters and advisories.  You can keep track of these financial newsletter ratings and comments to see what is popular in a given field.

Review sites.  There are also several review sites which secretly subscribe and track the results of investment newsletters.  Mark Hubert runs a popular newsletter rating service on Marketwatch which you can subscribe and get a monthly report that showcases a different newsletter each month.  

Newsletter Directories.  Across the internet are several financial newsletter review directories, you may have to sort through a few lists but you can still find some great advisories that come highly recommended and reviewed.

Guru Forums.  There are several popular forum to check out that have comprehensive financial newsletter reviews and recommendations. 

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