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Financial Newsletters | How to Find the Best Stock Market Newsletter
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Financial Newsletters: 10 Shocking Facts Revealed 

Choosing the right financial investment newsletter really is a process of finding the right match between your expectations and capabilities and what information a particular financial newsletter service provides.  Many stock market investors fail miserably using financial newsletters simply because they are not prepared for what is involved.

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Financial Newsletters - Selecting the right investment newsletter is a difficult process and requires a lot of thought about your own needs and abilities.

Stock Picks Can Be Dangerous to Your Financial Health

Thin trading volumes, obscure names, speculative business models, complicated financial structures, investigative probes, and bankruptcy are just some of the specific-company risks an investor faces when buying shares in a specific company.  It is difficult to build a diversified investment portfolio for the long run on a steady stream of individual stock picks.  Which ones do you include?  When do you buy?  When do you sell?  It can all start to become very overwhelming.... very fast....

Trading Commission, Fees and Slippage Costs Can Eat Away Your Profits

The high volume of picks many investment newsletters produce can create a dizzying amount of information to follow.  Following and trading rapid-fire daily picks can quickly begin to churn through thousands of dollars of trading commissions.  When you are selecting a financial newsletter it is important to think about the implementation costs and what that will mean for your investment account.  Is your personality suited to trading daily?  Hourly?  Once per week?  Once per month?  If you act on one pick per day that amounts to over 500 trades in a year, and at a $9.99 discount commission cost per trade that's still almost $5,000 per year in trading commission costs!  Review the trading frequency of financial advisories carefully to make sure it matches your trading temperament and budget.

Most Financial Newsletters Ignore the Easy Money of Sector Selection 

Did you know that 50% of a stocks return is attributed to its industry sector?  That's right, half of every stocks performance over time is simply due to its sector performance.  Picking the right sector is more important that picking the right stock, but you'll find that very few investment newsletters focus any attention on identifying the strongest sectors of the market.  Wouldn't it make more sense to identify the strongest performing sectors of the market and then look for the best stocks within that sector?

You Need to Be Glued to a Screen All Day Long

Can you say stressful?  How many regular people have the time (or the nerves) to stare at a trading screen all day long?  Many systems post impressive annual returns, but many of these systems require the devotion of a full time trader to implement and follow successfully.  Many trading systems require minute-by-minute access to the markets and trading alerts, and are really designed for the full-time trader to follow.  When selecting a newsletter advisory you really need to think about your own time constraints and realistically assess what amount of time you can devote to your investments. Almost everyone underestimates the amount of time it can take to manage a portfolio effectively, so you really need to select a style that will work for the level of time commitment you can invest.  

The Majority of Your Financial Assets Can't Follow the Trades 

If your like most regular investors, the bulk of your investment assets are tied up in 401ks, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Thrift Savings plans, and other similar types of retirement accounts.  Many of these plans do not offer the ability to individually trade stocks or to short stocks, so many investment newsletter picks become worthless information you cannot act on.  When selecting an investment advisory report you need to carefully consider how much of your financial assets can actually benefit from this subscription information.  Does it really make sense to pay $400 or $500 dollars a year on a service that can only be used on 20% of your financial assets?  

Complex Trading Skills and Techniques are Required

You may need margin, you might have to short stocks, write options, open futures accounts, open forex accounts, or you might need rapid-fire trading cockpit screens to act on their buy and sell advise before the trade is dead.  There are many high performing financial newsletters available in the marketplace, but so many of them are ill suited to a regular investor who cannot afford to make it a full time career and require a lot of investment and trading education.

Picks are Not Suitable to Effectively Grow a Portfolio

Don't get caught up trying to find the hottest picks.  Often these stocks are very speculative in nature, but could never help you build and sustain a growing portfolio over time.  Most investment newsletters have lost sight of this basic fact and focus on featuring a steady stream of hot stock picks.  Its very interesting to read about unique companies and it feels great to ride a great trade, but if it can't help to safely increase the value of your portfolio over time they why are you doing it?  Most people fail to realize that you are better off getting a 10% return on 100% of their assets, rather than a 45% return on 20% of your total assets.  The secret to long-term investing success is raising the value of your entire investment portfolio over time, and not having big wins on little positions.

Few Newsletters Address Diversification and Asset Allocation

Finding the right asset category and asset class is a more important decision than trying to pick the right stock.  Many investors get sucked into the sizzle of a hot stock trade that has a compelling story to tell.  These stocks many have the potential for big gains, but the reality is that most of these stocks are often very speculative in nature, have thinly traded volumes, may be manipulated by promoters, or trade on loosely regulated exchanges like the OTC that have very little oversight or investor protection.  Filling your investment portfolio with a bunch of worthless flimsy OTC traded stocks is not investing... its gambling or dreaming.  Most penny stocks never make it to the big leagues and actually develop into real companies that produce long term profits, they eventually wither up and die until a new promotion or "story" comes along.  When selecting an investment advisory letter you really need to think about the risks inherent within the types of stocks they follow, and what level of risk this will bring to your retirement portfolio.  Can you really afford to risk your ability to retire on a flimsy suckers bet?  Be warned... the odds are stacked against you.

Few Newsletters Empower You With Investing Tools

Instead of blindly following ticker symbol alerts, wouldn't it make more sense to learn a sound process that works for the long run that is also simple to understand and implement?  Wouldn't you feel more comfortable actually seeing the underlying data analysis behind the picks to see the big picture and increase your investment knowledge overtime?  Virtually all newsletters cannot know your individual investment profile or needs, so therefore their picks cannot be well suited for your investment situation and should not blindly be followed.  Should a 90 year old person follow the same picks as a 29 year old?  Now you get the picture.  When selecting an advisory think about your own financial situation and ask whether or not this service is giving you tools and information to help with your unique needs, or offers information that is flexible enough to also benefit your unique financial situation.

Not Easy For the Average User to Follow

Forex accounts, futures account, shorting stocks, trading on margin, rapid-fire trading cockpits and breaking alerts.... who has the time or skills to actually follow these trading services?  My bet is other professional traders because most people have careers or other time commitments during the day that prevent them from acting on these alerts.  Not only that, unless you've already worked on Wall Street you probably won't have some of the technical skills needed to fully understand what it going on.  If you don't understand it, or don't have the time to do it, why would you try to follow it? When selecting an advisory service you need to pay close attention to what level of technical knowledge and trading skills are required to full benefit from their service.

The Time Commitment Required Turns Off Most Investors

Most people have full-time jobs or full-time commitments during the week and simply do not have 30+ hours per week to devote to their investment portfolio and constantly tracking every market movement and trading alert.  Excessive trading costs, margin costs, speculative stocks, and high risk trading positions are not suitable or wanted by most average household investors, yet many find it irresistable to pursue because of the attractive returns that can be generated.... this usually ends up in disappointment and financial losses once they realize they simply do not have the time or skills required to trade like a professional.  When selecting an investment report it is important to consider the time investment that will be required to implement a certain strategy and to make sure you have the time required in your life to avoid being disappointed with your results.  Selecting the right advisory letter for your needs requires that you balance and consider a lot of issues if it is to be successful for your in the long run.


Regardless of your situation we think you can benefit from the Sector Timing Report because of our unique strategy and approach.  With the Sector Timing Report you can easily overcome all of these pitfalls, here are the reasons why:
  • Reduce your investment risk.  We use sector and index ETFs to eliminate company specific risks inherent within individual stocks.  Any company stock is exposed to risks like bankruptcy, SEC investigations, massive stock drops on adverse news events, and earnings misses that can all have a devastating effect on the price of a stock at a moments notice.  In addition, 50% of any stocks' return success is actually attributable to its sector alone, so we focus on getting the sectors right without having any of the downside risks of individual stock holdings.
  • Reduce your expense costs.  We focus on a monthly portfolio upgrading process that requires very few trades per month so you don't need to worry about frequent trading commissions.  In addition, we focus exclusively on Exchange Traded Funds and Index ETFs which have very low management expense ratios.

  • Simplify your investment process.  We have designed our upgrading process to be simple to use, and even simpler to implement.  All our reports contained detailed ranking charts of ETFs broken out by sectors and asset classes.  Finding a trade is as simple as picking the ETFs that are at the top of the ranking lists. Maintaining a portfolio over time is a simple as swapping out holdings that start to fall in ranks with the new ranking leaders.  It's that simple!
  • Information for all your financial assets. The Sector Timing Report is designed to work with almost all types of investment accounts and holdings you may have.  Whether you have an IRA, Roth IRA, 401K, Thrift Savings Plan, or regular investment accounts, you can harness the power of upgrading within these accounts.

  • Easy to follow.  Using the Sector Timing Report requires no special knowledge or information.  If you can place a regular stock trade online or with a broker you  have everything you need.  There is no margin account requirements, shorting requirements, daytrading, intraday trading, Forex or Futures.
  • Grow all your investment assets.  The Sector Timing Report is designed to help you grow all your invested capital assets, whether they are locked inside a 401k pension, Thrift Savings Plan, or Individual Retirement Account.  The core process and concepts are easily to migrate to other plan offerings, even if they are traditional mutual funds.

  • Easily diversify your financial assets.  Asset Allocation and Diversification are at the core of the Sector Timing Report with a special focus on selecting the top performing asset class categories, and highlighting the top ranked sectors in these favored asset classes.  Over time asset allocation will account for 91.3% of a portfolio's return, so we focus on getting this right.
  • Take control of your future.  The Sector Timing Report is a very flexible tool that can help you create your own custom portfolios and to always stay abreast of the top performing asset categories and sectors in the marketplace.  It is a tool that empowers you as an investor.

  • Take back your life.  And best of all... it takes only 10 minutes per month of your time.  This is the main reason our subscribers continue to renew because this process works for their busy lifestyle.  We encourage you to check out a free sample now!

ETF newsletter

The Sector Timing Report ETF Newsletter Gives You an Edge

A Simple Method to Stay Invested and Outperform the Market

The strategy behind the Sector Timing Report is a process of continuous upgrading your investment holdings to maximize portfolio returns.  Our upgrading strategy works because as economic and market conditions change, new sector leaders rise to the top of our proprietary sector scoring system.  We buy these top ranked sectors and hold them for as long as they outperform their sector peers.  When a holding starts to drop in rankings we sell it and move on to the next hot sectors in the market.  Rebalancing our holdings monthly keeps us in the latest leadership sectors at all times. 

Sector Rotation Signals to Keep You in the Hottest Sectors

Gain access to simple monthly rankings of all the key sectors of the stock market, how they rank, and what asset classes are performing best.  With as little as 10 minutes per month you can build and maintain a portfolio of leaders and outperform the markets. The Sector Timing Report strategically analyzes and ranks sectors indexes and alternate asset classes by their sector rotation performance strength.  The highest ranked sectors are outperforming the rest of the stock market index, and this is where you will want to position your portfolio.  As leadership of market sectors change, you will see new leading sectors rise to the top of the ranking list, while under performing sectors drop in ranks.  

Powerful Market Timing Signals

Discover how you can tap into powerful trends already at work in the stock market and ride these stock market trends for explosive and profitable gains. Use  our proprietary market timing signal to identify the strongest trending sectors and indexes within the stock market and built an investment portfolio of leaders.   Market timing has the ability to outperform traditional "buy and hold" strategies and is also a powerful tool to help preserve your investment capital in severe market downturns. Follow index and sector leaders in easy to read tables that identify both long term market leaders as well as short term trend leaders.

Exclusive Access to our Proprietary Sector Score Ranking Engine

Our proprietary SECTOR SCORETM ranking engine is the heart of our scoring system and is the result of 8 years research and development.  It is a complex mathematical model that analyzes multiple data streams and time frames of information related to each sector to create a scoring system that ranks each market sector by overall strength.  Our report distills and sorts all market sectors in descending SECTOR SCORETM to automatically sort marketplace leaders to the top of the list.  The result is an easy to use ranking and scoring system that is highly effective, and easily identifies sector leaders.

Reduce Hidden Fees You Are Already Paying by 52%

We use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as the basis for our data analysis because of their lower cost and ease of trading.  An investor cannot buy shares in an index, however, ETFs trade like stocks and closely track the performance of the sector or index they were designed mimic.  ETFs do not require active management unlike their mutual fund counterparts, and have much lower costs.  The average expense ratio for mutual funds is about 1.02%, whereas the average expense ratio for ETFs is only 0.48%  ETFs charge you less than half the fees a typical mutual fund company will charge!  Over a lifetime of investing, the lower ETF fees can saving you tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.

Works with All Your Investment Accounts and Retirement Funds

Perfect for any type of self-directed investment accounts like IRAs, Roth IRAs and regular brokerage accounts, the Sector Timing Report also works well with accounts having limited investment selections like 401K and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) for government employees.  The Sector Timing Report was designed to be your lifetime market trend guide to help you work with your investment advisor to always position your investment portfolio on the right side of market trends.  You can harness the power of the Sector Timing Report to improve your investment allocation in many types of accounts - there is no reason to delay.

The Sector Timing Report is Easy To Use and Follow

The Sector Timing Report is user friendly, easy to use, and full of easy to understand ranking tables that list sector ETFs in descending order of market strength.  You simply decide what segments and markets you want to include in your portfolios and pick sectors from the top of the list.  As the ranks shift over time you can adjust your portfolio accordingly by selling any sectors that have dropped in the ranks, and buying the new ranked leaders.  The result is an easy to follow monthly investment strategy that outperforms the market index as well as most mutual funds over the long term.

10 Minutes per Month is all it Takes

Once you are familiar with the layout of the Sector Timing Report and have established an upgrading portfolio, it takes less than 10 minutes of your time per month to read the new monthly report and make any necessary adjustments to your portfolio.  The Sector Timing Report is a report focused on the long term, and can help you shift your portfolio  over time to capture major sector movements in the stock market.  It is not  designed for short term traders.  The Sector Timing Report was designed to be your lifetime market trend guide to assist with always positioning your investment portfolio on the right side of market trends.

Download a Free Copy

Read a Free Copy of the Sector Timing Report and Discover What You Are Missing 

The Sector Timing Report ETF newsletter is so popular because of its comprehensive coverage of stock market sectors using an ETF ranking and upgrading process.   
Download Free Stock Market Report to decide if the Sector Timing Report ETF Market Timing Newsletter is Right for You.

What makes our ETF investment newsletter one of the best performing advisories is the fact it is designed for the average investor that needs a simple strategy to outperform the stock market over time, and is useful for all types of investment accounts including 401ks, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Thrift Savings Plan, and regular trading accounts.  Download a free copy of the Sector Timing Report ETF newsletter today and see why our users rank us as one of the best newsletters most suitable for typical investors.

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... we will include a report outlining our top 7 investing strategies used exclusively in the Sector Timing Report - absolutely free!  We will give you inside access to some of the best tools and strategies we implement daily.  Act now as this free access ends next week and may not be offered again.

Why the Sector Timing Report is the Best ETF Newsletter
The Sector Timing Report is a comprehensive financial ETF newsletter that meets all of the following important rating and ranking criteria for long term investment success:

Easy to Use - simple ranking and rating tables to follow by asset category

Limited Time Commitment - takes only 10 minutes per month to implement

Useful Information for All Account Types - great for 401Ks, IRAs and regular trading accounts

Long Term Focus - helping you build a larger retirement portfolio

Manage Downside Risk - protective stops provided on all rankings

Top Performing Track Record - see how easy it can be to outperform the market

Offers Diversified Solutions - embraces diversification to limit risk

Additional Financial Newsletters Reviews and Resources 

Commentary resource sites.  There are several popular stock market sites that offer a running commentary on newsletters and advisories.  You can keep track of these financial newsletter ratings and comments to see what is popular in a given field.

Review sites.  There are also several review sites which secretly subscribe and track the results of investment newsletters.  Mark Hubert runs a popular newsletter rating service on Marketwatch which you can subscribe and get a monthly report that showcases a different newsletter each month.  

Newsletter Directories.  Across the internet are several financial newsletter review directories, you may have to sort through a few lists but you can still find some great advisories that come highly recommended and reviewed.

Guru Forums.  There are several popular forum to check out that have comprehensive financial newsletter reviews and recommendations.

Sector Timing Report  - is one of the top ranked ETF newsletters and is easy to use with as little as 10 minutes of your time per month.  Offers a simple monthly newsletter of ETFs ranked by sector in descending order of market strength.  Simply construct a portfolio of ETFs from the top of each sector list you want to include.

Take Action Now and Get the Sector Timing Report

Before you read any further... sign up to receive our top 7 investing strategies used exclusively in the Sector Timing Report - absolutely free!  Here we will give you inside access to some of the best tools and strategies we implement daily.  Act now as this free access ends next week and may not be offered again.


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ETF Trend Trading System
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Sector rotation timing strategies
Sector Rotation Investing
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

Trading system
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Volatility adjusted stop losses let leaders run with less chance of triggering during strong and volatile uptrends.

Market timing
Market Timing Signals
100% mechanical process removes the distracting flaws of human emotions in the decision process.

Portfolio Trading Strategies
Portfolio Trading Strategies
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ETF trading signals ETF Trading Signals
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

ETF Investing
ETF Investing Newsletter
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

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100% NO SURPRISE RISK: Download a free issue and try it out.  We encourage you to download a free issue of the Sector Timing Report ETF Investing Newsletter and find out exactly what exclusive ETF trading information you will access each and every month as part of your subscription to the Sector Timing Report investment newsletter.
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