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Sector Rotation ETF Results - Here is How You Can Do Better
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How Have Sector Rotation ETF Funds Performed?

Sector Rotation ETF

There are several specialty Exchange Traded Funds available for investors that want to focus in on tactical asset allocation and sector rotation strategies inside their investment portfolios. Jump onto any ETF screener to find some of these popular sector rotation ETFs, but you might want to do your research before you invest.

What we found was many of the sector rotation ETFs failed to outperform the market index over time, and some had more than twice the expense fee costs of other Exchange Traded Funds.  If your considering a sector rotation ETF you need to do your homework carefully.

Claymore/Zacks Sector Rotation ETF

Fidelity offers a group of sector mutual funds that can be used as decent vehicles for sector rotation.  Now there are still a few downsides to using these sector mutual funds over similar ETFs, namely the minimum holding periods, minimum investment amounts, short-term trading penalties, and higher expense ratios.  You can check out Zacks Sector Rotation ETF here.  Pay close attention to expense fees and performance results when doing your investor homework.

Powershares Valuline Industry Rotation ETF

Powershares is another fund company that offers a sector ETF fund.  You can check out Powershares Sector Rotation ETF here.  Powershares also carries a larger stable of sector ETFs which is another sound strategy to condider for sector rotation investing strategies.

DIY Sector ETF Investing

Why pay high fees, subject yourself to below average returns, and get boxed in with minimum investment purchase amounts?  We are convinced that almost anyone can generate better returns than most of the professionally managed sector rotation funds with a little research and a few hours per month.  Our preferred investment vehicle is Sector ETFs, and with a little homework and research you could implement a DIY sector rotation strategy.

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