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Trading Indicators that Empower Investors to Trade Stock Market Trends
Developing reliable trading indicators and trading signals is one of the best investment strategies self-directed investors can follow.  It’s important for all investors to have a plan and strategy before tackling the stock market, and its just as important to stick to this plan through good times and bad. If the plan is sound it will work over the long run, but of course it will be testing during trying market times, and good investors know to stay the course and focus on the long-term goals in mind.

Market Indicators

You need to look at the entire stock market trends and activity first making trades so you’ll need to develop or use some market indicators as part of your trading indicators toolbox.  Many investors look at major market indexes like the S&P 500 Index or the Nasdaq 100 Index to monitor trends and trading activity in these broad equity indexes.  The trend is your friend in the stock market and your odds of trading success are much higher if you are trading in the same direction as the market trends.  Utilizing a few good market indicators before you make a trade can help improve your odds of trend trading success.

Stock Market Technical Indicators

Technical indicators, or stock charting analysis, are also popular trading indicators used by investors to gauge the trend of a particular market, stock or ETF trading opportunity.  Viewing a time series of price activity in a stock chart is an easy visual way to monitor stock market trends, but this can become a very time consuming task when you are sorting through thousands of stocks to find good trading candidates.  With the Sector Timing Report ETF trading system we have created powerful algorithmic trading strategies and indicators developed from custom stock market technical indicators and have normalized the results on a ranking scale each month.  This allows our users to avoid having to scan hundreds of charts, now they can easily identify the top trending and ranked sectors of the stock market at a simple glance of the ranking tables.  

Trend Indicators

100% mechanical and mathematical trading indicators allow you to trade with confidence.  We bring the science and market analysis to the art of trading and empower you with tools to make your own investment decisions in conjunction with your professional advisor.  Now you will be armed with knowledge of current market trends and be able to discuss with confidence a portfolio strategy that is right for your future.

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Clear Trading Signals
Easily determine trend signals in every sector of the stock market.

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Asset Allocation Strategies
Investing in the right asset categories accounts for 91.6% of long run returns.

ETF Trend Trading System
Trend Trading System
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

Sector rotation timing strategies
Sector Rotation Investing
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

Trading system
Protective Trading System
Volatility adjusted stop losses let leaders run with less chance of triggering during strong and volatile uptrends.

Market timing
Market Timing Signals
100% mechanical process removes the distracting flaws of human emotions in the decision process.

Portfolio Trading Strategies
Portfolio Trading Strategies
Upgrade into new leadership sectors and rotating out of past winners to outperform the market.

ETF trading signals ETF Trading Signals
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

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ETF Investing Newsletter
Top performer lists sorted by trend strength with ability to compare across asset classes.

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