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Trading System: 7 ETF Trading Strategies for the Best Investment Returns

Discover 7 ETF trading system strategies to supercharge your portfolio returns

Read how users have used the etf trading system to help guide their stock market investing:

"The report has been an excellent guide"

“I evaluate the holdings of all Asset Class Rankings and review the best positions in each category. The report has been an excellent guide due to the strength of the Sector Score analysis.”
- Craig R., Boca Raton

"I use the Sector Timing Report to help me decide how to balance"
I use the Sector Timing Report to help me decide how to balance on a monthly basis my Rollover IRA, Roth IRA and common stocks using the different strategies they have available.
- Steven M, Illinois

"Very pleased with the results"
"I use your newsletter to guide me my tsp investing and am very pleased with the results in the turbulent financial times we live in. Thanks!"
- Peter M, Florida

"A terrific tool for targeting your investments"
"The Sector Timing Report is a terrific tool for targeting your investments.  Whether following it's specific model portfolios or using it as a confirmation to your own strategy, it is 'spot on'."
- Richard W, Dallas TX

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Here is exactly what you will learn:

How to reveal hot sector trends in any market
Learn to ignore what the market index is doing because it masks powerful underlying sector trends which you could be trading right now with these simple tools.
The new challenger to buy and hold investing
Explore the controversial new market strategy replacing "buy and hold" investing and discover how to substantially boost your portfolio returns.
Discover a strategy to magnify your portfolio returns
Discover how a simple capital preservation strategy simultaneously protects your assets and boosts long run returns.
How to easily maintain a portfolio of leaders
Learn a groundbreaking new strategy for consistently keep your portfolio invested in market leadership sectors. 
A dead simple strategy for lowering portfolio risk
This single trade is not only a guaranteed win but could also be the best trade in your lifetime.
The 91.6% portfolio secret no one is talking about
Uncover the 91.6% factor that determines your long term portfolio performance and how to maximize it.
The 3 hidden trapdoors trashing your portfolio returns
Discover a simple strategy to tune out market noise and reveal powerful underlying trends and sectors.

Bonus #1

How you can bear-proof your portfolio today
Never get caught flat-footed again in the next market meltdown with these simple strategies.

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Bonus #2

The easiest $260,904 you'll ever make in a single trade
Make this trade today and generate over 1/4 million dollars in your portfolio in the long run.

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More testimonials
Read how users have used the etf trading system to help guide their stock market investing:

"One of the best tools available"

"One of the best tools available to access knowledge that helps me understand current trends and strengths with regards to technical and tactical analysis of the broad market. I like the use of sectors and ETFs" 
- George G, Portland

"Lets me sleep at night"
“This is the only ETF advisory service I will ever use, as the rest just don’t compare!  The solid ‘sector ranking scores’ help me construct a portfolio that lets me sleep at night”.
- Roger V,  Phoenix

"The best is the Sector Seeker portfolio"
The thing I like the best is the Sector Seeker portfolio, I'm a little more aggressive, so this works best for me, and keeps me in the top funds. I also like using ETFs verses mutual funds, it gives me more control because they trade like stocks.  
- Mike G, Plant City, FL.

"Enabled me to target my portfolio"
"I look forward every month to receiving the Sector Timing Report.  It has enabled me to target my portfolio with higher confidence and better precision while requiring less time conducting research."
- Brad S, Bainbridge Island

Sector Timing Report Has Merged with ETF Investing Advisor!

Sector Timing Report has joined forces with ETF Investing Advisor to bring you even more in-depth ETF trend data and analytics to help you become a better investor

Here is a partial list of some of the new expanded features:

  • Check us out!    weekly data updating
  •     154 low-cost ETF trend profiles
  •     web-based report with more data and trend analysis
  •     color-coded trend rankings
  •     real-time charts!
  •     real-time price quote on charts
  •     3rd party research news and analysis on each ETF
  •     performance quintiles
  •     The "Green Zone" Investing Strategy
  •     Expanded universe of ETFs
  •     6 New Model ETF Portfolios
  •     Sortable columns and tables replace static pages!

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