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Trend Following Trading Delivers High Return Long Term Investments
If you look at most long term trades that were huge winners, most of them were in a defined trend trading pattern for many months, or even years.  So why is it that most investors missed the boat on these huge winning trades?  Many missed these wonderful trend trading opportunities because their trading time horizon was analyzing time frames that were too small to really see the big picture.

Trend Following is one of the Oldest Trading Methods

Ever since man could chart the price of stocks and calculate trend lines that smooth the price actions of these charts into trend lines, trend following was a simple and active trading strategy.  Trends are clear and easy to see on a stock chart, but the hard part is actually sorting and sifting through thousands of trading charts each day to analyze stock chart trends.  Even if you did have the time, you still need powerful computers to compare all these trends against each other to identify which are the strongest trending stocks to consider following.

Trend Following Strategies with Stock Charts

With the rise of technical analysis and stock charting programs, hundreds of trend following strategies have been developed that examine price charting activities, and to develop smoothed moving averages of the pricing movement on each stock chart.  Visually these are easy to see on an individual stock chart, but when you start dealing with hundreds or thousands of stocks this starts to become an impossible task.  Nobody has the time to sift and sort through thousands of stock charts each day or month to identify the best ETF trading candidates.

Trend Following Systems with Quantitative Trading Strategies

With the development of system trading computers and algorithmic trading models this allowed the development of trend following systems that could sort through millions of stock trading data sets each night or week to automatically calculate trend values and to also compare trend values against other stocks and markets being analyzed.  For the first time quantitative trading strategies were doing the heavy lifting of a team of stock analysts on Wall Street in the blink of an eye.  Now these same algorithms are making their way into mainstream trend following systems and giving investors and advantage.

ETF Trend Following Works the Best for Market Trends

Clear long term trend trading signals means you no longer need to read charts to identify trend strength and trend direction.  The same automated calculations used in technical analysis charting is used to calculate and assign a buy or sell signal for each sector and index in the Sector Timing Report.  Long-term bullish trends are easily identified by an upward green arrow.  Long-term bearish trends are identified with a downward facing red arrow.  ETFs that are not in confirmed trend are marketed with a yellow caution triangle.   These trend rankings are updated monthly in each new report so you can see exactly what sectors are trending, and also what sectors are highest ranked.

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